Some Businesses Do Value Customer Service


Brand loyalty

It is not hard to imagine why some people believe that customer trust and loyalty are not highly valued anymore. The world of customer service has turned into one of automated systems, scripts and disconnected calls. Thankfully, some business out there still know how to build customer relationships. While some smaller stores may feel overwhelmed, a larger company like DirectBuy knows the importance of integrity in business.

On the whole, building customer loyalty is not what it used to be. According to an October 22 article on, 51% of 12,000 people surveyed believed that customer service is actually getting worse, which is up from 46% in 2012.

While the overall trend may appear somewhat hopeless, you do not have to live in fear of calling people for assistance. Learning how to build customer relationships with ones customers may seem like it is rare, but it is far from a dead art form. You as a shopper can take solace that one of the most popular furniture stores in the country currently stands ready to assist you with questions or concerns on over 1,000,000 items!

Nothing is more frustrating than a customer service representative that seems ignorant on the products their company offers, especially if they are representing a larger company that specializes in hundreds of different household brands. No matter what kind of question you as a shopper may have in mind, you deserve to receive answers in a timely and polite manner. Shopping with the best wholesale furniture and appliance retailer can make that a reality. Read more like this.

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