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Arc wear

Arc flash protective clothing offers fireproof clothing, which is designed to withstand burning and heat in case of a fire. It is important to note that Arc flash protective clothing also offers womens fire resistant clothing. Arc Flame resistant clothing is used by workers who work near open flames or flammable materials. Arc flash protective clothing is also performing work at hazardous job sites or those working with hazardous items. For example, standards require workers to wear flame resistant maintenance uniforms in the oil and gas, chemical, hazardous material, and electrical industries. Interestingly, many race car drivers wear fireproof clothing, such as arc flash protective clothing, in case their cars catch fire. For example flame resistant coveralls, also known as an Fr coverall, is a common kind of Arc flash protective clothing.

Overall Arc rated clothing is essential for employees who are working around flames or hazardous material. Many kinds of Arc flash protective clothing can be customized with company logos. Ultimately, if you have employees who are working near flames or hazardous material, make sure you afford them proper protection and require arc flash protective clothing.

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