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Top 4 Advantages of Using a Cooling Tower

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Closed loop cooling system

Cooling towers are often big, unknown pieces of machinery at plants and factories, but with an increased focus on green energy, sustainability, and efficiency, they are getting more recognition. Just replacing the fans in a cooling tower can reduce energy requirements by 2-8%. The potential these systems have to fix water and energy efficiency is tremendous. They may be the answer we need to keep some factories in business and on top of new ordinances in their communities or federal pollution laws. Read on for the top three advantages of investing in a cooling tower.

As mentioned previously, energy and water efficiency is a huge advantage of these system. It can reduce your company’s carbon footprint, in additi

Cooling Towers Help Protect the Environment

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Plastic cooling towers

With all of these industrial plants around the world creating waste heat as a result of their production, what becomes of that heat, to avoid releasing it into the environment, and disrupting ecosystems?

The answer to that problem is industrial cooling towers. These towers extract waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. These towers can vary in size from large hyperboloid towers, which are most often found at nuclear power plants, down to small units installed on or near units for air conditioning units.

There are several different types of cooling towers. Dry or closed