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Induction Furnaces Benefit in Gold Smelting Industry

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Induction heating has become one of the emerging processes that have improved the metal melting process making it quicker and more efficient. This is the reason why most mining companies are investing heavily in induction heating equipment. Metal melting has over the years been characterized by excessive heat loss. Considering that metals have different melting points, it has always been a challenge for some mining companies to ascertain the melting point of different metals. Compared to a conventional metal melting furnace, there are a lot of benefits of using the induction method as opposed to the traditional copper melting furnace. Many mining companies have abandoned the conventional copper melting furnace and the gold melting furnace and instead use induction heating equipment to melt the two metals. So why are mining companies abandoning the traditional melting furnace for the inductotherm melting

Steel Metal That Stands The Test Of Time

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Steel, as a whole, has been used for centuries and continues to be improved as time goes by. And because of steel, the United States leads the world in the import of steel, moving $27 billion in just 2017 alone. It is used in a wide array of industries. Cars for example, use about 13 percent of the world’s steel, with robotics and manufacturing take a piece of the pie at about 16 percent while buildings and infrastructure tally a whopping 50 percent!

Steel is made with the use of an induction furnace. This process takes the components necessary and heats them, successfully creating steel, copper, iron, aluminium, and even precious metals like gold and platinum. Many companies order from induction furnace manufacturers because induction furnace manufacturers create the induction furnaces to be usable without arc of combustion methods; the heating is never higher than it needs to be if an individual is worried about losing valuable elements.

Choosing the right induction furnace