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How Safe Is the Water Your Family Drinks?

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The College World Series and Olympic Swim Trials weekend in Omaha found guests from Louisiana, Texas, California, and Arkansas to the house. And while the Omaha family has always drank tap water and skipped the individual bottled water option, they filled the small garage refrigerator with bottles for their guests. The Omaha residents explained to the guests that in their Nebraska home they drink tap water, but that the guests should feel free to drink the bottled water if they wanted.
On day three of the visitors the garage refrigerator was empty again. Holding an entire case of water, this is the third time the refrigerator was empty in as many days. An early morning conversation with one of the out of town visitors clued the home owner in to Louisiana drinking water concer

The 4 Best Ways to Choose a Water Softener

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The human body is composed about 60% water, and there are tons of health benefits of drinking enough water. Some of the most important ones are clearer skin and better flow in your gastrointestinal system. Because we require so much water in our bodies to keep us healthy, it’s important to have adequate water filtration systems in our homes and workplaces. The best water systems will neutralize hard water, which means our bodies will have clear and fresh water to drink and we can enjoy the health benefits. For anyone who needs a home water treatment system, it’s important to do some research before you buy anything.

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