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Increasing Efficiency With Labeling Techniques

Written by admin on . Posted in Food packaging labels, Heat shrink sleeves, Roll fed labels

Digital print packaging

Commercial labeling is one of the most important steps in package manufacturing. Many custom product labels are printed separately and attached to the package after it has been manufactured and before it is filled. This can cause a delay in product shipping, as empty packages take up space waiting to be labelled. Fortunately, there are two simple custom product labeling solutions to this problem, eliminating the need to separately affix labels and saving time.

The first label solution is in mold labeling. The in mold labeling process adheres the label to the packaging as it is being manufactured, instead of after the fact. A label is printed and brought into the mold of the machine, where it adheres to the pla

Three Ways Shrink Sleeve Labels Improve Business

Written by admin on . Posted in Digital packaging printing, Heat shrink sleeves, Roll-fed labels

Food packaging labels

Products come in all shapes and sizes, creating a challenge for label manufacturers charged with the responsibility of creating custom product labels suitable for all kinds of different containers. Bottles are one type of product in particular that are often oddly shaped and can be extra difficult to find an adequate label for. One of the best solutions to an oddly shaped bottle is to use shrink sleeve labels for packaging purposes. These labels conform to the shape of the bottle when heat is applied to them, making them the perfect fit. There are a number of factors that make shrink sleeves for bottles the ideal choice, including:

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