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Protect Your Business Safe from Fire with These 7 Tips

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Fire sprinkler inspections orlando

Fires produce a lot of damage to businesses throughout the United States every year. They also cause many deaths and injuries. In the hotel and motel industries alone, 15 people are killed and 150 people hurt by fires. Those same industries suffer from $76 million in property damage caused by these fires every year. Medical centers are not immune. There were 1,200 fires nationwide in hospitals and medical centers. These are the reasons that fire protection engineering companies recommend businesses develop plans to prevent fires in their businesses. These are tips to developing a good, solid plan to protect your business from the threat posed by fires.

  • Develop and put in place a plan for evacuation. Employees will respond in a calmer manner if they know exactly what to do in

4 Common Myths About Fire Sprinkler Systems, Debunked

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Importance of having your fire sprinkler inspected

Losing your home or business due to a fire can be devastating and traumatic. Of course, we want to protect our loved ones and our financial investments, but we may not be doing everything we can to prevent fires from occurring. One of the most effective fire protection methods includes the use of fire sprinkler systems. However, there are quite a few misconceptions about sprinkler systems that keep many homeowners and business owne