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Staying Alert Keeps You Safe at Work

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Wedge socket termination

There has been a lot in the news lately about boredom. In fact, some people say that what is most wrong with today’s youth is that they do not know how to be bored. Instead, they check their cell phones for messages and social media posts from friends, the twirl a fidget spinner between their fingers, they mindlessly channel surf through hundreds of television channels that provide 24/7 viewing options, and they play video games online with friends or in person on occasion.
Without boredom, some experts predict, this may be a generation that lacks focus, a generation that does not know how to day dream, a generation that does not understand the value of spending time with their own thoughts. Who knows, without boredom would we have the advancements that we have today. Without boredom, we might no

Preventing Falls In The Workplace

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Rigging training

Safety at work should be a top priority for every company. Slowly but surely, it is becoming just that. Where once employees were told to stay safe in quick training sessions, now many companies with hazardous environments are taking fall protection extremely seriously. There are many different types of falls that the right kind of equipment and fall protection training can prevent. There are classic slip and fall incidents, and also falls from great heights — in which case equipment like slings becomes particularly valuable. But equipment and fall protection training on their own are not enough — people need to be trained in the most efficient, pro