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Archive for December 6, 2018

Why a Scientific Freezer is Necessary for Storing Vaccines

Written by admin on . Posted in 2.5 cu ft freezer, Benchtop freezer, Medical fridge freezer

Vaccines are an underestimated yet important part of our healthcare system. Getting vaccinated prevents over 2 million deaths per year, all with a simple injection. One important aspect of vaccines is having a scientific freezer to store them in. This allows the vaccines to stay at the proper temperature. Also called a vaccine freezer, it makes a world of difference and isn’t like a regular freezer since it keeps the medicine chilled at the temperature it requires for safe administration. Here’s a few reasons why this is important for vaccines.

It’s Helpful in Maintaining Peace of Mind

The CDC suggests that vaccines get stored at 40 degrees to keep them safe and useable. Even if everything else in a hospital or clinic is in proper working order, it’s helpful to know that the vaccines hundreds of people are getting administered are kept at the right temperature and safe for use. A stand alone freezer for vaccines can make a difference when it comes to trea

Taking A Look At The Growing Importance Of Medical CBD

Written by admin on . Posted in Building a grow room, Grow room designs, Growroom

From the grow house trailer to large grow rooms to modular grow rooms, the use of medical marijuana, particularly of CBD oil, has grown considerably in the last few years, becoming more legitimate than ever before. The grow house trailer has become an ideal way to produce this CBD oil and medical marijuana, but it’s a fact that cannabis oil has been around far longer than many people actually realize.

In fact, cannabis oil can be traced all the way back to WWII era times. This is when cannabis oil concentrates were first developed and put into use. In the years since, of course, we have discovered more ways to use cannabis oil than ever before, and grow room design has improve to make the indoor grow room quite successful, no matter what the space allotted for it, from the grow house trailer will less space to portable grow rooms to a full dedicated grow room.

But what exactly can THC and CBD oil actually do? For starters, it’s important to note that not all CBD oil and THC p