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Archive for September 12, 2018

Five Ways Property Management Companies Can Save You Money

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When it comes to renting property, finding the right property manager or landlord takes on an increased importance. The U.S. commercial property sector is divided into five key segments:

  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Lodging
  • Amusement

Whether you’re building office space for rent or managing property, having the right property management companies in place are crucial. The average age of the average property management professional is 50 years old and in 2016, there were 317,000 property management jobs in the United States.

For property management companies and landlords, maintaining rental properties can be a headache, especially when it comes to time and money. Finding tenants can be a challenge as can hiring out repairs.

When added all together, maintaining rental properties can be a constant uphill battle and those that stick

The Three Most Important Internship Interview Tips!

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Engineering internship interview questions

It doesn’t matter what kind of internship it is, whether you want easy, summer paid internships or the best internship on Earth at the world’s most prestigious business, most interviews boil down to the same elements. So to help you out, here’s the three internship interview tips that I took to heart, and helped me out.

1. Tailor your resume for each application.

This is the most laborious and obnoxious of internship interview tips. Each application would roughly take 20 minutes, and you would wind up filling out most of the information on your resume anyways, so why even bother with it? However, your resume is like a press release for you. It sells you to the hiring manager.

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