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Archive for June 7, 2018

How to Care For And Sanitize Your Soft Serve Machine

Written by admin on . Posted in Taylor ice cream, Taylor ice cream machine for sale, Taylor shake machine

When astronauts are asked what they miss most while in space, NASA reports that ice cream is always one of the top three things mentioned. Ice cream is so popular, in fact, that vanilla ice cream has its own National Vanilla Ice Cream Day: July 23rd. Soft serve is by far the most popular choice of ice cream in America, with seven out of 10 people preferring it to hard ice cream.

If you serve ice cream or hope to do so, you’ve undoubtedly taken the time to research the right ice cream machine, looking for a Taylor soft serve machine for sale or for a great yogurt machine. But that Taylor soft serve machine for sale won’t serve you well if you don’t keep it clean. Here’s how to do it right:

Understand the Issues

Any kind of frozen dessert will leave bacterial remnants. These bacteria and the byproduct they sit in find their way into the back

Why Signs Are Effective and How To Make Them More So

Written by admin on . Posted in Electronic marquee signs, Gsa led sign design, Municipal signs

One of the best ways to get attention and spread your message or your brand is to use the right kind of LED sign. Signage, from the church marquee to the electronic message boards for schools to the scrolling marquee signs for businesses, is an effective way to reach a community. Here’s why, and a few tips on how to design just the right message.

Why Signs Work

Studies show that 35% of people would never have discovered a business without the sign, and other studies have shown that adding or improving signage for businesses results in direct sales revenue improvement. Just adding a sign to the wall in front of a store is associated with nearly an 8% increase in revenue. And since 85% of the average business’s customers are living or working five miles around it, it pays to reach those people with great scrolling marquee signs or other eye-catching