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The Integral Role Industrial Warehouses play in the American Economy

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Purchasing a warehouse

The warehousing and distribution industry is the unsung hero of the machine that is the American economy. While many people understand the role freight carriers play in getting goods from point A to point B and eventually into the hands of consumers, many are unaware of the important role distribution warehouse space plays.

The commercial warehousing industry plays an integral role in the entire American economy. In fact, while many other industries are suffering as a result of economic hardships and a dwin

State And Federal Governments Take A Closer Look At “Natural” Label

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Packaging labels

Food packaging labels are coming under fire. Food products may be shelved in organic sections, thanks to food product labels purported that they are “natural.” How does this happen? “Food and beverage companies can label their products ‘natural’ without having to meet a clear definition by the FDA,” Fox News reports. Similarly, companies can use the terms “nutritious” and “wholesome” without much to back it up, and — in many states — it is even perfectly legal for companies to make their own determinations about whether a product is “GMO-Free.”

What The Public Should Look For

There are some regulations