What Are Agricultural Drain Tiles?

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Farming is the backbone of every community around the world. Whether large or small-scale farming, we depend on farmers for our food supply. It’s a hard but rewarding job. However, nature doesn’t always play along, and sometimes, farmers need a little help. The YouTube video “Farm drainage tile installation to boost profits” is one example.

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The first thing a farmer does at the beginning of the farming season is to prepare the ground.

Managing Unmanageable Ground

During the winter, farming grounds may get a lot of rain and snow. If the ground is sloped or uneven, it may take much longer to dry. There may be puddles of water that cause mud. This makes it difficult for the farmer to work the land. To counter this problem, many farmers have turned to agricultural drain tiles.

An agricultural drain tile is a pipe laid into the ground. The pipes have grooves in the outer layer with holes strategically placed along the pipe’s body. These holes capture water from the surface and soil and transport the water through the pipe to an outlet. The water is then released into another area away from the farming ground. It’s helped many farmers ensure their land is dry come farming season.


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