Are You Considering a Career or Internship in Regulatory Publishing?

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This video discusses exciting careers in regulatory publishing and how getting into this career can be fruitful for prospects. Regulatory publishing is a field that involves submitting information to governing entities about new products.

Some individuals may work with pharmaceutical companies who need to test and qualify their products and then clear them with governmental entities.

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A regulatory publicist can submit the necessary documentation using one of three methods. He or she can use paper or electronic submissions using eCTD or non-eCTD methods.

Launching a career in this field starts with an education. It would be best for an interested person to position himself or herself by getting a bachelor’s degree in a related field first. An internship may be necessary to obtain the degree. The next step is obtaining any additional certification required for such a job.

The third step is acquiring some experience. Getting an entry-level position in the field is one way to get experience. Once enough initial expertise is acquired, the individual can then work on advancing his or her career. The speaker in the video discusses the ups and downs of following this career path and whether it may be suitable for an interested person to pursue.

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