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With all the shifting focus on education and the actual value of multi-year training programs, the interest in apprenticeships for trade jobs has risen significantly in recent years. An apprenticeship is a unique business relationship where people simultaneously get hands-on training, industry-specific instruction, and a paycheck. Apprentices work for a company or individual within their field that pays their wages, offers training, and sometimes helps pay for their education.

Formal apprenticeship programs usually last about 4 years, depending on the employer or occupation, although they may take as little as 12 months or as many as 6 years. Every industry has different skill level requirements; some take much longer to master and perfect than others. This is a prime example of why an apprenticeship is beneficial for getting a head start on industry training and learning.

If your career goals are focused on vocational and trade jobs rather than fancy degrees and long courseloads, then some of these apprenticeships for trade jobs might be just what you are looking for:


Working with a local plumbing company can be a wonderful way to get industry experience and training while getting familiar with the ins and outs of that specific industry. This example of apprenticeships for trade jobs can help you learn the basics of electrical engineering and tasks while still under a professional’s guidance. You can learn faster than simply reading and doing coursework and get valuable real-world experience while also getting paid for it as well!

Auto Mechanic

Another place to find apprentice opportunities is the local auto body repair shop. Some careers are built on hands-on skills and knowledge, and the auto repair industry is a prime example of this. Working on cars and getting first-hand experience in the field is a great way to take what you know, apply it, and build upon it in the workforce. You can get exposed to the pressure and workload while being supported throughout the apprenticeship.


Apprenticeships for trade jobs often bring up set images of certain careers, and the electrician is one of them. There are many ways to diversify and expand a general foundation in electric engineering into a rewarding career. One of the best ways to see what niche is best for you is working on an apprenticeship where you can have exposure to a range of electrical engineering jobs. Learning in a real-world setting is a great way to get started in this rewarding career.


Working with a welding company is another common example of popular apprenticeships for trade jobs that are still around today. Much of the skill and experience that a welder uses comes from on-the-job experience, something that cannot be easily duplicated in a classroom setting. A welding apprenticeship helps you get your foot in the door and learn as you go, and model what you are shown by a leader in the industry and fellow welders who know what they are doing.

Hospitality Staff

People are getting back into the swing of things and traveling more than ever in recent years. The need for hospitality staff at hotels and similar venues is in high demand, making this a great industry to look into. Securing an apprenticeship can give you practical knowledge and experience that will serve you well as you work on building a career in the hospitality industry. You will gain efficiency, familiarity, and insights that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

Flooring Contractor

Homes and businesses alike will always have a need for a range of flooring services. From replacing old carpets, installing hardwood floors, or performing routine maintenance, people need floors that look nice and that are safe. An apprenticeship with a local flooring company can make it easier to find rewarding jobs that help local business owners and homeowners. The variety of work to be done is excellent, and you will never be bored!


Many apprenticeships for trade jobs focus on industries and careers that are very hands-on and that are difficult to fully learn and master with simple book learning. The lineman is a prime example of such a career and is a great option for anyone looking for a rewarding apprenticeship to kick off their career. A lineman apprenticeship can help you build your resume and gain experience that will make you more attractive to potential employers down the road.


Business owners and homeowners alike want their property to look nice. This involves a range of services, including tree services, lawn care, garden maintenance, and more. Working with a local landscape and garden expert can help you establish yourself as an expert in the field and give you easier access to work down the road. Landscape apprenticeships for trade jobs are very popular and can often transition from apprenticeship to full employment.

Culinary Professional

Not all cooks and bakers attend expensive culinary schools and spend years learning to cook and bake. Many learn the skills necessary to keep a kitchen or restaurant running through an apprenticeship. Working alongside skilled and experienced chefs is a great way to learn vital skills and see what it is really like in the kitchen. A culinary apprenticeship will ensure you are ready to hit the ground running and can make your mark in the industry.


As automation improves and technology advances, these machines and systems are becoming more integrated into jobs and markets across the board. Knowing how to work with machines, fabricating tools, and another technology is a critical skill to know today. An apprenticeship can help you get the hands-on learning and experience you cannot get in a classroom. It is a wonderful chance to hone skills and find your specific area of focus as a machinist or fabricator.

Insulation Contractor

Helping homeowners keep their houses in good condition is a full-time job, and many careers focus on home improvement, renovation, construction, and maintenance. One such niche area that also commonly offers apprenticeship opportunities is the residential insulation services industry. Learning by watching the experts and doing it yourself in the real world is a wonderful way to sharpen your skills and gain the experience you need to succeed.

General Mechanic

As machines become more engrained into day-to-day living, the need for people who can fix, run, and maintain those machines is all the more vital. Finding an apprentice opportunity with a mechanic can help discover just how diverse that ministry is and all the opportunities. With guidance from experts in the field, you can learn how to build, fix, run, maintain, and use machines and technology to make life better for those in your community, and make money doing it.

Construction Services

Whether you want to focus on a home building or commercial property building and maintenance, getting some apprenticeships for trade jobs related to construction work can be a great starting point. While you get familiar with the industry and all the many services that makeup construction work, you can earn a living, get training, and apply what you learn. You can easily transition from an apprenticeship to a full-time job since everyone needs experienced construction workers.


The transportation industry is more than just truckers driving semis across the country. You can become an apprentice and learn how to drive for a number of didn’t companies and service niches. Mail and parcel delivery, public transport, school bus drivers, cargo delivery fleets, and local drivers are just opportunities within the transportation sector. A suitable apprenticeship can get you started off right in this meaningful career!

Roofing Contractor

As long as there are homes and businesses that get impacted by weather and the passing of time, there will be a need for skilled and experienced roofers. Roofing companies often work with recent graduates and those new to the industry by providing apprentice opportunities. This is a great way to learn what it is like to be a roofing contractor and gain hands-on experience and skills in a working environment. It is easy to turn an apprenticeship into a full-time career.


When looking at accessible apprenticeships for trade jobs, metalworking is an option that is worth considering. Mass production and manufacturing of goods mean the need for skilled and experienced workers is higher than ever before. Getting real-world experience, support, and training from industry leaders will set you apart from the rest of the crowd and make it easier for you to find your place in the metalworking and manufacturing industry.

Remodeling Contractor

People stay in their homes longer than before and are not selling their homes as frequently as in years past. This means the need for remodeling contractor services is holding steady. Getting into this fast-paced and rewarding career is easier when you start with some apprenticeships for trade jobs in the home decor and remodeling sector. You can learn how to design, install, remodel, and maintain beautiful-looking homes for your customers right from the start.

Teachers Aid

Not every career in education has to take up six or more years of your life. You can work on an occasional training program, get an apprenticeship with a local school or university, and build on your experience in a practical manner. You can become a teacher’s aide or other support staff and make a difference in the live sod children in your area. An apprenticeship like this allows you to focus easily on the area of education you want to pursue.

HVAC Contractor

People need to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which means HVAC companies always have work and usually have no shortage of customers calling for assistance. If you are looking for a career working on heating and cooling systems for homes or office buildings, then an apprenticeship is a great option. You can shadow experts in the field, learn by example, and build on your skills while building up real work experience that will serve you later.

Hair and Nail Tech

Beauty school can give you a good foundation, but there is nothing like hands-on experience cutting hair, doing makeup, styling nails, and helping people look their best. Securing an apprenticeship with a hair and nail salon, makeup studio, or other fashion and beauty-related industries can give you much more than any classwork and book learning ever could. It is a great chance to build your portfolio and improve your skills while earning a living at the same time.

Information Technology

Apprenticeships for trade jobs can even include more technical careers that do not need years of classroom work to perform. Many IT and software careers can be learned through an apprenticeship. You can mirror the work done by more experienced technicians and see how to best respond in real-world situations. You can learn and practice and make mistakes with a support system that will help you learn and hone your skills.

Medical Assistant

Whether you are interested in working as a nurse, with radiology and x-ray services, drawing blood, or being a dental assistant or something within another vital medical career, you can get started with an apprenticeship. Your on-the-job training will be in the real world, and you will see how these sorts of careers make a difference in the lives of others. This is all while also building your experience and improving your skills and confidence in whatever field you choose.

Find the Best Apprenticeships for Trade Jobs Today

Getting started with an apprenticeship of your own is easy. Contact local companies and leaders in the industry you want to pursue a career within. Ask them about the apprentice program and what they might be able to offer you. Your dream career is out there; an apprenticeship could be the key to discovering what that is and making yourself better suited for that rewarding career ahead!

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