Roofing Basics Your Dog Could Understand

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Most homeowners will eventually need to repair their roofs, but many are unsure of where to begin. For this reason, we’ve included the most typical roofing terminologies and elements you should be familiar with before beginning any roofing projects.

There are seven fundamental roofing elements that you ought to be aware of.

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Although shingle materials come in a variety of forms, they always serve the same purpose: to shield the sheathing beneath from the elements. Traditionally, shingles have been measured in squares. If you know your roof is 2,500 square feet, you’ll need to order 25 squares of shingles because each square is 100 square feet.

Boards or sheets fastened to the rafters that support your home’s roof. The roof deck is another name for this. installed to cover the roof seam at a hip or ridge. These are the interior wood or metal slats that hold the sheathing and shingles in place.

They resemble the skeleton of your roof in certain ways. a layer of paper-like, water-resistant material is placed over plywood sheathing to protect it from weather elements like rain and snow. This is used in conjunction with a membrane and vapor barrier, which is commonly a sheet of plastic that prevents the passage of air and water.

Learn more about roofing by watching this video.

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