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Learn truss manufacturer basics by watching this video. Roof trusses go through four stages during their manufacturing and fabrication process. The process begins with the design and continues to the other truss manufacturing stages.

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The next thing is selecting the right type of wood for the manufacturing process. The job card supplied by the truss designer will play a role in determining the timber. Because constructing roof trusses with the wrong material can lead to the collapse of the structure, the picking process requires extreme caution.

After selecting the timber, the next step is to transport it inside the factory on the trolleys, where a saw controller is waiting to deliver it. After that, the pieces of timber are cut one at a time.

After that, the production team is responsible for receiving the timber in preparation for the final phase of manufacturing. The team that makes the trusses uses the job cards to arrange the truss profiles on the assembly tables. As the roof trusses make their way through the roller press, quality control checks are performed on them to ensure that each nail plate has been firmly placed into the wood.

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