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From contactless payments to online sales, point of sale (POS) systems improve the customer experience and make it easier for business owners to track inventory, sales, and employee performance. Moreover, your POS solution supports omnichannel experiences, which are seamless transitions between in-store, phone, and online sales.

The best overall business pos is Square. Square provides flexibility for small businesses and plenty of room to grow.

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Founded in 2009, Square POS systems and devices are used in small businesses, from retail shops to diners. The platform’s versatility, combined with various pricing options, makes Square the best overall POS system for small businesses. For nearly 15 years, eHopper has provided an affordable alternative to pricey POS software. Its low-cost plans give entrepreneurs access to customer and inventory management tools, making it a clear winner in our best value category. You won’t get many integrations with eHopper, but you can add an additional loyalty package to your plan. You can call, initiate a support ticket, or chat with customer service for help with your POS system. The company also offers an online knowledge base.

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