This is Why The Roof of Your Business is Leaking

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The last thing you want as a business owner is to see a leaky roof. It is a pain to clean up and makes your business look unprofessional. This is crucial when brand image is so important to your success. Sure, you can simply call one of your trusted commercial roof services to fix the roof, but how did this leak manage to develop in the first place? In this video, you will learn about common causes of roof leaks.

The roof could be leaking due to nail pops. This occurs when the nail is no longer able to hold the shingle down appropriately.

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This cause the shingle to pop and bulge upwards. This can happen due to a few reasons. First, if the wrong kind of nails were used in the installation, your roof will be more susceptible to nail pops. Next, humid and hot weather also play a contributing factor. This is why it is important to have regular inspections. It is much better to identify the problem early and fix it before it develops into a leak that will negatively impact your business.


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