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In this video, you will learn about Repairable Cars For Sale. There are a few big mistakes you can make when buying a salvage car. The number one mistake is to buy the car from a dealer at an auction.

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There are a few different companies selling cars at salvage auctions. IT can be from instance companies or banks. SOme old lease companies, even. Dealer cars are another large aspect of salvage cars. There are a few reasons why a dealer’s car can end up at an auction. Some dealers may try to sell cars at auctions because they buy really badly damaged cars and doctor them up. They can cover up the damage and replace the parts. They do a little bit of bodywork and make it look like the damage is really minor. They try to resell it for a lot more money. There can be a lot of hidden damage that you might not have seen. This reason and others is why it is important to do your research ahead of time when you are considering buying a salvage car. Keep watching this for more information.

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