Effective Ways to Use Your LED Signs

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Effective Ways to Use Your LED Signs

Business signs are an excellent marketing tool to boost your presence. Most people wouldnand#39;t discover a business if it werenand#39;t for their signs.

However, it would be best if you made sure that your signs are effective first. They should be able to grab attention well. With more and more people turning a blind eye to traditional signs, Using LED signs become even more imperative.

In recent studies, 71% of people often look at roadside billboardsand#39; messages (traditional and digital combined). However, if you have a digital sign, youand#39;ll get the message to stick in peopleand#39;s minds. The bright lights and colors stand out from traditional signs.

Having an outdoor LED display is not enough, though. While the attractive design can help capture attention, you need to show important information fast.

Here are some tips on how to make your LED signage bring you the results you want.

How to Make LED Signs Effective

Regardless of what you decide to show on your LED sign, these guidelines can help you get your message across better:

  • Call to action helps direct those who see your sign to the action they need to take. For restaurants, tell them to try your new dishes. If you have a spa, you can tell them to relax using your services.
  • Take advantage of how easy it is to change your LED signs. This digital signand#39;s dynamic nature allows you to change whatand#39;s written depending on the time of day. Show the breakfast menu in the morning, then change it to your menu for lunch at noon. You can even show what you have for happy hour in the evening.
  • Programmable LED signage can scroll whatand#39;s written. However, if youand#39;re using it for drivers and passersby, you should not enable scrolling. Use short and impactful messages that drivers can read in a quick glance.
  • While you want to make a bold statement in your message, putting them in all capital letters makes them unreadable. Use proper capitalization always.
  • To accommodate the split-second-reading that drivers will have to do as they glance at your sign, choose a font thatand#39;s easy to read. Choose simple, easy-to-read fonts and avoid fancy fonts at all costs.

Follow these rules and make your message clear and concise. The programmable LED signage will not only attract attention but will help bring in new customers as well.

Best Information to Display on LED signs

Donand#39;t waste the attention captured by your programmable LED signage with messages that donand#39;t connect. Use the opportunity to show information about your business that brings in more customers.

  • Advertise Most Popular Product or Service: By showing your businessand#39;s most popular offering, youand#39;re reinforcing what your business is all about. People will tend to purchase your products or services because other consumers already love them
  • Show Business Hours: Use your programmable signage to show your regular business hours. You can also take advantage of being able to change the display faster in case you need to adjust the schedule. This works well for displaying special hours too.
  • Advertise Sales and Deals: Using programmable LED signage to show the special deals that your store has is very effective. The bright and colorful lights can grab attention well. If you have numerous products on sale, you can use a slideshow to give your potential customers quick information without overwhelming them.
  • Show Awards and Achievements: You can use your programmable LED signage to let people know about your recent achievements. This will boost your companyand#39;s image.
  • Introduce New Products and Services: Your programmable LED signage offers you to capability to announce any new products and services effectively. You can be sure that these new offerings will receive the attention they get. Adding new items to the slideshow is easy since this digital sign is easy to customize.
  • Communicate Events: With digital signs, you can continually improve your relationship with your customers by announcing events. Whether youand#39;re sponsoring a sports event or medical relief mission, letting your consumers know about it can help retain their loyalty to your brand or business.

Use Your LED Signs to Boost Business Success

Follow these tips and boost your business success with the proper way of using your programmable LED signs. Take advantage of the attention-grabbing feature every digital sign has to offer.

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