Level 6 and The Highest Security Needed for Document Shredding in All Locations

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One of the most common security options when the need to destroy private documents, both personal and professional, includes shredding. When there may not be the inclusion of seriously private information like account numbers, personal identity information, client information, and more, there is the ability to use a basic shredder. The more valuable that documents are, the greater the need for more secure paper shredding.

What is Level 6 Shredding?

Level 6 Shredding, originated in San Francisco in 2007, now offers both residential and business clients with the highest level of document disposal. Clients are able to drop-off documents for shredding, complete shredding on-site, as well as request off-site, witnessed document shredding and hard drive destruction. Local 6 shredding has two San Francisco locations, offering services by both appointment and walk-in options.

Today, there are many more level 6 shredding options available. These are simply some of the highest quality paper shredders that have been approved by government agencies like the NSA and GSA.

Different Levels of Secure Paper Shredding

As the questions of document protection and identity security progress in the United States, there is much to consider in the need for a high security paper shredder in every business. Sometimes there is also the ability to complete large amounts of secure document disposal with products like high capacity paper shredders and commercial paper shredders.

There is so much to gain from the highest levels of security when disposing of any sort of documents or information in any form. With the question of losing your own secure information to hackers, there is also the legal case that a client may have against you if their information is released due to a mistake on your part. Access to level 6 shredding may not be easy for all companies, especially startups and small businesses, but there are options to look into such as industrial office shredder machines and high security paper shredders, among others. When disposing of things like network materials, computers, and other data-maintaining products, there is a great deal more work that needs to be done in order to make sure that there is no further access to customer data on those products. Be sure to watch the entire disposal process and make sure that everything is completed properly.

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