Finding the Right Cleaning Services


A building, home, or car needs not only proper maintenance and insurance to work well or be comfortable to be inside, but it will also need proper cleaning from all manner of contaminants and bacteria every so often. Home cleaning, washing a car, replacing car mats, and more can restore the beauty and often the function of nearly anything, and in the case of real estate, cleaning is vital. A home or apartment may not sell if its interior or exterior are filthy or cluttered, so business can be helped or hindered by a cleaning job, or a lack thereof. What is more, for jobs too specialized or big for a homeowner or car owner, professional cleaning services are available all across the United States, and based on the company, they may do anything from housekeeping to rug cleaning, carpet shampooing, car detailing services, and more. Cleaning services can totally transform a property if the job is done right.

Cleaning Services and Business

Cleaning services are all across the United States, but some states make particularly strong sales from these businesses. Overall, California tops the list, with $3.4 billion being earned from this service. New York comes second with $2.2 billion, and Texas, Illinois, and Florida are next in line. And across the nation, the business is likely to grow; job opportunities within the cleaning industry are expected to grow 12% by the year 2022. Of all clients for cleaning services, office buildings and their owners are the biggest clients; office buildings made up 31% of all business that commercial cleaning work handles every year, and as of the year 2016, 3.26 million employees worked for the cleaning service industry, and this number could very well rise in the future. What kind of work will all of these cleaning employees do, and what materials do they work with?

Cleaning Methods

Cars are very common and popular, and owners will always care about how clean the car is, both inside and out. For the outside, a car wash, whether by hand or in an automatic one, is good business, and the inside is another area to target. People often eat in their cars, and kids and toddlers may make messes, as may muddy or otherwise dirty shoes or boots. Car floor mats often catch all this dirt, and will need cleaning or replacing every so often, and the same may be said of a car or SUV’s trunk, too. This can also cut down on the number of bacteria found in the vehicle; the trunk can get especially germ infested, and since that’s where groceries are often placed, hygiene should be observed.

Dry ice cleaning is another emerging sector of the cleaning industry. The main advantage of dry ice cleaning is that it uses no chemicals, and therefore leaves no residue and will not corrode or stain any surfaces. Another benefit is that dry ice blasting can reach areas too small or deep to clean by hand or even with other tools, but the air-blown dry ice can reach it, and dry ice, once it has been applied to a surface, will sublimate, leaving no trace (sublimation is when a solid evaporates into a gas, with no liquid stage). Dry ice cleaning can be used on nearly anything, from collectible items to computer parts to vehicle engines and fans or metal grates. Dry ice blocks, however, must be handled with care, since they can cause frostbite on bare skin, and their sublimated CO2 is a breathing hazard.

House cleaning can be a matter of course, but when a person plans to move out of a residence, one final cleaning job is a good idea. For renters, the property owners may require such a cleaning, and homeowners will invest in this cleaning job because a polished, spotless home is bound to sell better than a house that has its previous owners’ filth in it. Shampooing the carpets, removing old wallpaper, wiping glass, scrubbing countertops, repainting, and more will be done to make a property presentable to potential buyers. A homeowner can do all this alone, or he or she can hire cleaning services to take care of it all, especially since rug or carpet shampooing may involve equipment most homeowners won’t have.

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