Extend the Life of your Road Seal Coating and Crack Sealing


There’s no doubt about it: cracked and uneven pavement shows, and driving on a damaged asphalt drive will only damage it further. Before you take out the asphalt road around your building or property, though, consider investing in pavement services to repair any imperfections on the roadside. Studies show that smoothing out an uneven road can extend its life up to 25%, so it pays to look into pavement maintenance before your road is beyond repair.

Seal Coating

Seal coating entails adding a hot sealant
(either tar or asphalt based) to an asphalt road to slow the process of deterioration. As cracks form in the pavement, oil, water, and air get in and can slowly start to oxidize the asphalt. Seal coating essentially acts as a glue to hold the asphalt together. Seal coating also improves the appearance of a road, so if you’re looking to sell or to attract tenants or investors, sealing your pavement can instantly make the property more appealing, particularly if you will be restriping as well.

Crack Sealing

Of course, seal coating alone isn’t enough to prevent an asphalt road from deteriorating. Experts from highly rated pavement services recommend combining this method with crack sealing, or filling in areas of the pavement that have fallen into disrepair. You should consult with a pavement company before making any final decisions, but often, they will recommend filling cracks with rubberized asphalt or asphalt concrete, depending on the amount of traffic and the extent of the disrepair. These sealants can last for up to eight years and significantly improve the smoothness of your road.

Finally, if some stretches of road are simply too damaged for repair, it may make sense to replace them with concrete. A concrete road can have a psi of up to 7,000 and tends to be smoother and easier to drive on than asphalt. Consulting a trusted concrete maintenance company can tell you what an investment in a concrete replacement would entail. However, your best bet may be to work with a company that provides all-around pavement services, as they can use a variety of the above methods to improve the road on your property.

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