Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Spray Foam Equipment and Rigs

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If your business consists of spray foam you know just how important it is. You are aware that it increases energy efficiency since 40% of energy is lost because of poor filtration. You’re aware improving the energy efficiency of these building by 10% helps to save about $40 billion, and you’re aware that more than half of the energy used in U.S. homes is for heating and cooling. You’re completely aware of the need for energy efficiency, but are you completely aware of the importance of keeping the tools used to provide energy efficient means to home and businesses clean and operational? Read below for tips to keep spray foam equipment like colorwise spray foam nozzles and other aspect of your spray foam rig clean and how to properly maintain your equipment.


This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s utterly important to extend the life of your spray foam equipment. Aside from basic cleaning measures of spray foam tools and equipment, deep cleaning of possible areas of concern in your spray foam rig can help extend the life of your investment. Address these issues as they arise and special care should be taken to thoroughly clean at least once a year.


Your spray foam parts including the nozzle on your spray foam gun should be cleaned so they continue to work properly. Neglecting the nozzle can cause your equipment to stop working altogether. Clogs can result from small fragments becoming lodged in the nozzle. Nozzles should be cleaned thoroughly after each use by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Nozzles can differ, therefore cleaning methods can differ as well.


Lubricating moving parts of spray foam equipment such as colorwise equipment keeps these moving parts working properly. Clean or soak parts to remove debris and solvents before lubricating. Proper lubrication can keep parts running properly to minimize downtime of equipment and possibly spare expensive repair costs.

Power Supply

Spray foam parts such as colorwise spray foam equipment usually runs with power, being compressed air or electricity. Making sure that the proper amount of electricity and compressed air is vital for your parts. Double check your power supply regularly to ensure that the proper amount is being used for the tools. Improper power can cause harm to the motor, which can result in costly repairs and downtime that nobody wants.

Proper cleaning will extend the life of your equipment and spare your parts from breakdown due to problems that could be solved by a good cleaning. Regular maintenance inspects these parts to ensure they continue to work properly without any problems. These cleaning and maintenance tips can help you do just that to ensure that your equipment is already ready to use when needed.

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