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Having a clean industry standard is important in various industries across the country. From home service industries to the food industry, a clean industry standard helps to keep things as safe and sanitary as possible. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to keep to clean industry standards that are not only cost effective but highly efficient and as long lasting as you can expect a cleaning solution will be. It is important to create a continuously clean industry standard and hold to it in order to enforce it in all aspects of the industry.

When talking about clean industry standards, it is mostly the food industry that is being discussed. After all, the food industry deals with many potential contaminants, and it is all too easy for contaminated food to make people sick. When it comes to unsafe food, there are three main threats and sources of contaminants, from biological to the chemical to the physical. Biological contaminants typically involve the interference of microorganisms like bacteria and other such microscopic elements that can spread disease while chemical contaminants involve the misuse of cleaning solutions and pest control products why physical contaminants focus on contaminants such as hair, dirt, and other physical objects that find their way into the food as well as the beverages that are widely distributed in both stores and restaurants. This wide variety of contaminants can have a profound effect if not dealt with properly, as one out of every six people living in the United States suffer from a food borne illness in the span of just one year.

One method to eradicate these contaminants is to utilize a dry ice cleaning service. Dry ice cleaning services have become a more and more popular way of cleaning. Because of the extreme temperature of dry ice – as low as negative seventy nine degrees celsius and not truly ice at all – it has become effectively used as part of standard cleaning procedures and clean industry standards in many food establishments. Dry ice blasting, as it is also commonly referred to, is not a new method of cleaning. It has been used for both cleaning and polishing purposes since the mid 1950s. Through the technique of blasting dry ice pellets at a speed of as much as ninety PSI, dry ice blasting works by cleaning services at a high velocity.

It is important to use caution when operating a dry ice blasting machine, as it contains considerable amount of carbon dioxide. Though carbon dioxide can be harmless, it can also have negative health consequences, such as rapid breathing and headaches (when there is a concentration of carbon dioxide of up to five percent) and more serious symptoms like unconsciousness. In very high concentrations, carbon dioxide exposure can even lead to death from suffocation. Fortunately, this is not likely in the use of a dry ice blasting machine. However, it is still important to operate any machine such as this (or really, any machine at all) with as much caution as is necessary. This means it is important to work with your dry ice blasting machine only when in a well ventilated space in order to prevent the concentration of carbon dioxide from building to dangerous and even life threatening levels.

It is important to prize cleanliness above all, particularly when it comes to clean industry standards in environments like in the food service and the food packaging industries. Though there are many effective methods of improving and enforcing cleanliness standards, dry ice blasting is a form of cleaning that has been gaining in popularity, though the technology has been around for more than half a century.

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