Eco-Friendly, Long-Lasting And Flexible The Appeal Of The Modern Shipping Container Office

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Today’s modern world is always on-the-go.

This extends to the coffee we use to wake ourselves up in the morning to the shows we watch on our phones while waiting for an appointment. Everything needs to not just be packaged up and accessible, but high-quality no matter what. A containerized generator is just a modern version of today’s on-the-go mentality. Businesses that find themselves shifting locations throughout projects or in dire need of a little flexibility have been turning to the benefits of the shipping container office for a few different reasons. What are those reasons, you may ask?

Let’s find out what makes modular housing such a kick with so many people.

Easy To Make In No Time At All

When you’re on a deadline and don’t have time to wait and wait for a new office to be made, industrial shipping containers can give you the break you’ve been looking for. Some modular homes today can be built in a factory in as little as one to two weeks, with similar estimations for office spaces. Some sites have even estimated building with containers can lead you to cost savings of 40% or more compared to more conventional shipping methods. What other benefits can you gain from the containerized generator?

Environmentally Friendly For Businesses And Workers

What’s better than a professional office that can be built in no time flat? A professional office that can also go easy on the environment. Shipping container solutions are a truly eco-friendly structure, made from over 80% recycled steel and able to be fully recycled when it’s demolished. This saves factories on building new materials as well as countless industries money on labor and shipping costs. Job site trailers, on the other hand, tend to last just five years and degrade very easily due to their thin wood and vinyl building.

Flexible And Durable Enough For Different Purposes

No matter what you need, a containerized generator and industrial shipping container has you covered. Today over 17 million Americans live in manufactured homes, with many of these on-site locations that save them money on commuting and paying utilities. Shipping containers are built to last, with some able to hold strong for over 20 years with little maintenance, which means you don’t have to choose between flexibility and durability. Whether they’re single units or multiple connected units, they can withstand over 100 mph winds when rooted.

Good Sizes And Good Utilities Make For A Great Resource

If you’re worried a shipping container office will be too small, you can lay those fears to rest. Your standard 20 foot shipping container can hold up to 1,150 cubic feet, though you also have 40 foot high cubes that offer twice that amount. What does that mean for size and comfort? A 20 foot container can hold over 3,500 shoe boxes and a 40 foot container can hold over 8,000 shoe boxes. From an eco-friendly design to a fast turnaround time, there’s no reason not to take advantage of modular housing solutions this year.

Building Portable Shipping Container Offices For Your Business

Should your business lead your employees to temporary locations, portable and easy to relocate CONEX containers are a prime resource. Today studies have shown there are over 24 million empty or retired shipping containers on the planet just waiting to be used. With a lifespan of over 20 years with minimal maintenance and incredible durability in the face of the elements, shipping container offices are a great way to manage an on-the-go lifestyle with an eco-friendly perspective. Best of all? You don’t have to wait forever to reap the benefits.

There’s not a lot of wiggle room when you live on-the-go. Thankfully, there’s a modular building for that. See how a containerized generator can change the way you look at convenience this year.

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