Skin Cancer Rates Are On The Rise How Tinted Windows Can Protect You Everywhere You Go

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The sun is our dearest friend. It lights up our life, keeps us warm and provides us with the essential vitamin D we need to stay strong.

…except when it’s giving us sunburns, ruining our furniture and increasing our risk for skin cancer. How can you make sure you’re getting all the benefits of sun exposure and none of the downsides? Tinted windows aren’t a bad place to start. They can be used in your car to protect your skin while you make the long commute to work or installed in your home to give your antique furniture a break. Commercial security window tinting is easy to get and even easier to replace. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of solar control tint in today’s more health conscious world.

Protect Your Skin

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of tinted windows is making sure you don’t indirectly increase your risk for skin cancer. Just how worried should you be? While the sun gives you vitamin D and is proven to perk up your mood, too much exposure to harmful UV rays can have the opposite effect. A study provided by found as much as 85% of skin cancer is caused by this UV radiation. When summer rolls around make sure you don’t just apply a broad spectrum sunscreen and wear a broad-rimmed hat, but also look into tinted windows.

Create A Safer Driving Experience

Driving is a hazardous act. It seems like just about anything can get in the way of a simple trip to the corner store, from encountering a drunk driver to a surprise bump in the road that turns you straight into a lamp pole. Tinted windows significantly reduce glare from the sun and keep your vision clear right alongside protecting your skin. Residential and commercial window films have been found to cut down glare by more than 50% while still letting anywhere from 30% to 80% of visible light through.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Yes, you can even reduce your heating and cooling bills with the aid of tinted windows. This is due to not just light being filtered, but the amount of heat being more closely regulated. Window tints can block up to 80% of solar heat, keeping your rooms cool and significantly cutting down on your cooling costs. This is great news for anyone who has a home office or is just tired of seeing their energy bill spiking dramatically every time the weather takes a slight dip. Last, but not least, there’s security to think of.

Keep Your Home Safe

Do you worry about how safe your home is at any given point in time? It’s estimated as many as $1 to $3 per taxpayer is spent every year to either remove graffiti or repair the damage it causes. While it may not seem like much to scrub off a few unwanted words, graffiti has been found to affect property values by as much as 15%. Who needs security window tint the most? Homeowners, small business owners and people who work from home can all stand to have a little more peace of mind as they go about their day. All in all, there’s a whole world of benefits to gain when you invest in professional window tint film.

The Benefits Of Tinted Windows

The sun is good to us…but it can be even better when you keep its power in check. A study provided by the International Window Film Association found over half of its respondents stating they actively worry about the sun fading their drapes, carpets and home furnishings. Another survey by the same association saw two-thirds of adults believing the sun can’t damage their skin while they’re inside. When you add that up with today’s mounting utility bills and home security issues? There’s no reason not to give tinted windows a try.

Light up your life with professional window tint. You’ll literally see the benefits.

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