Four Ways Digital Signs are Good for a School

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Electronic school signs

It might not seem like a school really needs to worry about signage. When it comes to a business or a restaurant, the need for LED signs or digital signs seems pretty clear. About 35% of people say they wouldn’t have even discovered a business if not for the sign, and studies have shown that adding a sign or improving one directly improves sales revenues. But what about a school?

Signs are Key for Communicating

It’s hard for schools. They have a lot of people to keep in touch with. Teachers, parents, students, lawmakers, and the general community: all expect to know easily what’s going on at any school in the area. School LED signs are one great way of making sure that everyone driving in or just driving by knows about upcoming events and important announcements.

Ease of Use

The internet does a thriving business in funny church marquee signs or other older commercial business signs. You might have wondered how some of those misspellings and funny faux pas can possibly have gotten up there. The truth is, it’s a pain to change the letters on traditional signage, and it’s very difficult to see how the whole sign looks when you’re up too close to it. School LED signs or digital school signs are simple to update. If there’s a mistake, fixing it is as simple as few keyboard taps on a computer.

Bring More People to Events

A lot of the time, people in the community just don’t know about school events. Whether it’s a big game, a fundraising event, a recital or concert, or even graduation, letting everyone know about it via the school LED signs ensures there will be plenty of people there to cheer on the home team.

Save Some Money

A digital display of some kind can save all kinds of paper and printing costs, and once school LED signs are installed, they need only very minimal maintenance to stay in good shape for years. The signs are also likely to reach more people than a paper announcement which students have a habit of losing.

Keep Up School Spirit

Not only are signs a great way of communicating vital information, but they’re also unifying when done right. They can be used to communicate whatever message schools want to communicate that school’s values. Whether it’s a holiday greeting or an expression of shared grief, school LED signs can bring the community together.

Digital signage can do a lot for a school’s image, costs, and ability to communicate. There are a lot of options out there, so look around for just the right sign and you’re certain to find it.

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