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Human resources departments deal with issues relating to employees. Those employees may be new employees, such as recent hires, or they may be ones that have been on the job for some time, those in salaried positions where the employee has contributed to the company for weeks, months, or even years.

Human resources employees handle numerous functions, including managing benefits, dealing with payroll situations, increasing employee retention, handling issues in the company that involve discrimination, harassment, conflict, and many others. Human resources employees generally handle these things and more.

One of the main things that human resources employees handle is the benefits of the employees of the company. These human resources employees make sure that individuals have the benefits that they have purchased, and what their options are, considering that the company provides benefits in the form of a health insurance company.

Human resources employees then handle the benefits of the employees of the company by explaining the benefits that they have available, the options that they can choose. The human resources employees may have to research the benefits available themselves, or meet with the representatives of the insurance company.

The human resources employees will then be able to better explain the benefit options to employees in the company who have questions. Those employees will be better served to know that their benefits are being provided by a company that has some degree of reputation in the health insurance world. They will be made knowledgeable to that benefit.

The human resources employees will then be able to sit down with an employee and give them all the information that they need to select a plan. These human resources employees will be able to guide them in that process, showing them the different parts of the plans that are available. These parts include the following:

  • The deductibles of each plan
  • The copayments of each plan for different services
  • The hospital fees and the specialized forms of treatment
  • The specialized treatment options, including the network of providers
  • The copayments for medication, whether they are a Tier I or a Tier III
  • The treatment options for nicotine cessation and other programs
  • The network of providers generally speaking

The human resources employees can give them all that information and be able to adequately answer any questions that the employee may have. The employee that is sticking with a plan may have few questions. The employee that is selecting a plan that is new can then have all the information needed to make a decision.

The human resources employees that deal with benefits will often make sure that the system is capable of handling all the people who are submitting their applications for the benefits, thereby making sure that the system is functional and that it is working well enough to support all those applications.

Human resources tend to be busy during the end of the year and beginning of January. This is a time period when benefits and other end of the year work must be completed, which can take a great deal of time. Then there are the new hires. Some statistics about new hires are:

  • New employees that go through a structured on-boarding are 69% more likely to stay with a company up at three years.
  • Studies show that employees who have a great experience their first 90 days on the job are ten times more likely to stay for a long time compared to employees who had a bad experience those first few weeks.
  • Organizations with a standard on-boarding process experience 54% greater new higher productivity and 50% greater new hire retention.

The human resources employees who bring in new hires and help them with the on-boarding process try to acclimate the new hires to the company and help them become comfortable with their roles. They also explain the benefits of the company to the new hire and help him or her with basic human resources responsibilities.

There are many options to aid human resources employees at their job. One option is HR software. HR software, also called an HR platform, HR platforms, HR technology, or an HR management solution, helps human resources employees manage different things they have to do with a greater ease and care.

HR software may include a compensation management solution. An HR software may include general HR solutions.

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