Five Office Appropriate Gifts to Give your Coworker

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Gifting for your coworkers and boss can be difficult during the holiday season. You want to get them something, as you spend the majority of your week with them. Yet, you also want it to be personal enough to snow that you know them, but not too personal that it crosses the professional line. All of the expected gift giving rules can leave you overwhelmed when it comes time to shop for those people you work with. These are some of the best office gift ideas.

Gift cards
Gift cards sometimes get a bad reputation for being a nonpersonal gift. But, they are a great gift option that is safe for your coworkers. Additionally, you can personalize the gift card by choosing something that you know each person likes. Does your office secretary always stop for coffee on her way into the office? Get her a gift card for a local coffee shop. Does your boss always talk about his nice dinners at the local fish market? Have everyone in the office throw in for a gift card to a new seafood restaurant in the area. Gift cards do not have to be impersonal.

Gift basket
Gift baskets are a great option for coworkers too. There are many different types of gift baskets to choose from, allowing you to customize to the person you are gifting them to. You could even further personalize the gift card by including a monogrammed coffee cup in the basket or adding in a plaque of appreciation. The appreciation medal ties the gift to a coworker friendly gift. Fill the basket with all of their favorite coffees and snacks.

Career friendly gifts
If you are in a dedicated career, you could always gift something that is career friendly. For example, coast guard gifts are great for those coworkers that served in the coastguard together. Coast guard gifts can include pens, medals, or even personalized photo frames. If your coworker is soon retiring, even police retirement gifts or military retirement plaques are appropriate. You can find coast guard gifts and career specific gifts online.

Service awards
Services awards also make a great holiday gift. If any of your coworkers are reaching a career milestone, give them a gift showcasing that milestone. For example, 10 year service awards are great as coast guard gifts or for any other industry. The average age of retirement is 63, so it is likely that you work with many coworkers that are either soon or have recently retired. Service awards are personal, but appropriate for work, and they show a sense of appreciation. You might even choose a best boss award for a favorite office boss.

Comfort and safety gifts
Coworkers that are still in the military or police forces face some amount of danger every day. Gifting something that improves their safety or comfort is often appreciated. There are approximately 737,263 working police officers in the United States. Gift a new gun holster or a pair of shaded sunglasses for when on patrol. Police officers also tend to spend a lot of time in their vehicles, so gifting a seat massager or monthly radio subscription is also a good gift idea.

Gifting for coworkers and your boss can be very difficult. There are many unspoken office gift rules and you don?t want to gift something that is inappropriate. Any of these office gifts are perfect, whether you are looking for the best gift for your offices secretary, or the best gift to give your boss.

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