How Advertising Successfully Encourages Consumers To Buy More

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How often do you stop to window shop? Whether you?re walking through the mall with purpose or spending an afternoon relaxing and enjoying your time in the mall, you probably don?t realize how much attention you pay to unique retail display ideas. Everything from the display stands, to custom retail displays, to outdoor sign stands grab your attention as your browse the mall. Even more than that, unique retail display ideas can sway you to make purchases you may not have made otherwise.

Even if you think you?re someone who is not entranced by advertising and displays, you would probably be surprised to realize how often creative retail display ideas encourage you to purchase something rather than leaving the store empty-handed.

With so many ads put in front of your face every day, consumers are constantly faced with the decision whether or not to buy something. Each day, a consumer sees an average of 3,000 ads or promotional message. Even though consumers see so many, they are still enticed by a few ads enough to make the purchase. This decision is generally made within three to seven seconds. What?s even more interesting is that in that time, a consumer will decide whether or not to buy one brand or another. Say you?re at the store trying to decide what dish washer soap to buy. It only takes a few seconds for you to be swayed by one brand?s advertisement over the other. You?ll make a final decision that quickly.

You might think you spend more time researching products on your computer and smartphone nowadays. Research shows that 77 percent of people choose to shop at the store to make the final decision rather than using computer for research.

While at the store shopping, that?s where consumers can get caught buying more than they intended. When consumers see unique retail display ideas that catch their attention, they?re more likely to leave the store with more than the products they intended to buy. The 2014 Mass Merchant Study found that displays swayed 16 percent of consumers to purchase an unplanned item. Statistics also show that when you?re shopping, 6-10 of your purchases might be impulse purchases often encouraged by retail display ideas for instance.

You might not think you?re easily convinced by advertising and unique retail display ideas, but it is an interesting test to see how much great marketing can encourage you to buy. Brigham Young University has conducted several studies that all show a sign next to merchandise led to 20 percent more purchases of a product than the same product without a retail sign.

As consumers, we care about our shopping experience. We do not want to spend money if we are not enjoying our time and if we are not sold on the product. Each store we walk into has a multitude of items we could purchase. Something needs to really catch our attention through unique retail display ideas, informative facts or a great clearance price. Without something eye-catching, we might just leave every store we walk into without making a planned or unplanned purchase.

Next time you?re out shopping, stop and see if you?ve added anything to your cart that wasn?t a planned purchase. Go back and look at the retail displays and signs. Did something grab your attention that made you place that item in your cart? Did advertising convince you that you needed that extra product? Let us know in the comments what your experience has been with advertising and marketing while shopping at stores.

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