The Many Marketing Benefits of Airplane Advertising for Small Businesses

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Have you ever noticed an airplane in the air, to then see that a message was trailing behind it? This is aerial advertising and its purpose is to grab the attention of those on the ground, as it did for you. An airplane sign can be an extremely effective form of marketing. However, it is not only used in the business marketing industry. Airplane signs actually have many different uses.

Traditional business marketing
Perhaps the most common reason that airplane advertising is purchased is for traditional business marketing efforts. A business in the area may run an advertisement campaign to a busy location. They may provide information about a current sale or product. Although the aerial banner is quick and may only be shown for a couple of hours, it has the ability to reach thousands of people in this short amount of time.

Airplane signs can also be viewed from a very far distance. In ideal conditions, cool, humid, windless and clear, messages can hang around for 20 minutes or more, visible from up to 30 miles (50 kilometers) away. The most notable business to use airplane signs is Pepsi. In 1940 alone, Pepsi scribbled some 2,225 skywritten messages over 48 states, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and South America, according to the Smithsonian.

Community events
Some community buildings, like schools, community centers, or local artistic centers might use airplane signs to advertise upcoming events. These community centers simply need to get the word of the event out to as many people as possible, and airplane signs achieve that purpose. These signs are usually flown overhead largely populated areas that are close to the event site. They may be advertised the same day, or the day before the event. Since people do not have anything to take away with them from the advertisement, they might forget if it were long than that.

Personal messages
You may have seen airplane signs that contained personalized messages. The aerial advertising cost is relatively affordable, making it not only popular with small businesses, but also with residents. A common airplane sign that is personalized is a marriage proposal or birthday announcement. Using an aerial message for a proposal can be especially romantic, as long as you plan on being in a location for your partner to see the sign.

Fortunately, the signs are easy to read from almost any nearby location. As long as you know their route, you can ensure that your partner will see the message. Banners are typically made with five foot high letters and planes grab the signs midflight, the pilot maneuvers the plane to two five foot high poles that hold a rope the banner is attached to, and the banner is tethered on. The good thing, is that if the pilot misses the banner the first time, they can simply swing back around and grab it again. This will continue until it is reached.

Important city messages
Cities may use airplane signs for important city messages. For example, if there will be city wide sewer or water work, the city will inform its residents of the upcoming shut off times. They are also going to attempt to inform residents in other ways also, including TV, mail, Email, and phone. The airplane sign is simply another mode of communication, ensuring that everyone gets the important notification.

Almost everyone has spotted an airplane sign at some time. They are very beneficial in many forms of communication. The airplane advertising benefits range from small business marketing to city wide messages. Some even use them to personally communicate with a specific person, because they are so affordable. The next time you see an airplane carrying a message in the sky, attempt to read the entire message. Evaluate its purpose and whether or not it grabbed your attention and made you want to purchase a product, visit a store, or provided you with important knowledge.

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