Pros and Cons to Installing Security Cameras in Your Office

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There is definitely need of a commercial security system if you own a business. Too many companies lose a lot of money because unscrupulous activity goes on that they are unaware of. Installing an office security system will definitely help to keep your business more secure. However, commercial security systems do have their downfalls. If you are weighing out the options, then here are a few pros and cons to installing cameras in your office that you may or may not have already considered.


  1. Deter Crime
    This is the main reason why people get office security systems. You can see the change in the way people behave simply because the cameras have been installed. Your employees will feel a sense of security and shady characters will feel uncomfortable. It might even help your workers to do their jobs better if they think you’ll be watching later. You can prevent crime from happening because no one wants to get caught red handed.

  2. Monitor Activity
    Cameras can be placed anywhere so when setting up your office security system, think about how you can strategically place the cameras so you can see the entire room. Having hidden cameras might be a better idea so that people don’t know that they are there. This way, you can more easily catch a criminal.

  3. Gather Evidence
    This is helpful when you are trying to press charges. Videos can act as an eye witness to what happened. You may need to look into the regulations of setting up signs or something to show that there are cameras in the vicinity in order for the video to be admissible in court.

  4. Make Informed Decisions
    When you can see exactly what happened, it’s a lot easier to arrive at the correct decisions. When you don’t see with your own eyes what happened, you have to make certain assumptions and never really know the whole story. A video will help you put all the pieces together and be better able to decide how to deal with a situation.

  5. Keep Records
    If you have security records, even if you find out about something that happened weeks ago, you can go back and see the footage from the time it happened. Your camera chronicles everything which makes it a lot easier for investigations.


  1. Lack of Privacy
    The problem with office security systems is that they can stir up quite a bit of controversy regarding privacy. There have even been instances where employees have taken their employers to court over the invasion of privacy.

  2. Expensive Project
    Dummy cameras are cheap but the real deal can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. The price depends on the features and extras that you get as well as the brand and number of cameras. Maintenance and installation can also be pricey.

  3. Not a Fix All
    Just as much as you are keeping up on the updates and changes in the technology of cameras, so are criminals and thieves. They know that most businesses have security cameras so they are constantly trying to learn how to overcome them. They learn where their blind spots are and how to go undetected. They might even understand the technology and already know how to disconnect them. Furthermore, if you only have fake cameras and he or she recognizes them, they become completely useless.

  4. Won’t Avoid Theft
    While a camera can deter criminals, if they decide to still commit the crime, you can’t stop them during the time that the crime is happening unless you are watching real time from a remote location. This means that even though you will be able to prosecute, you will still incur losses from the merchandise or equipment that gets stolen before hand.

While there are definite pros and cons to both sides, you’ll have to determine whether or not the pros are worth it compared to the downside. It’s an important decision to make but you have figure out if the cost of the cameras will save you the problems that can incur with theft, etc. It can also help deter employee theft which is another big problem that major corporations and small start ups alike have. Once you have taken the time to carefully think and weigh everything out, you will feel a lot better about your final decision.

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