Cloud Brokerage Services Simplify the Buying Process

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The cloud has made storing data easier for workers at every level. In fact, about 35% of all IT services are now delivered at least partially, if not totally, by cloud. Its popularity is due to the ease with which users can access information and services, as well as taking the burden of infrastructure costs off their hands.

Businesses with employees who prefer a flexible work schedule would particularly benefit from cloud communications. Employees can access company data so long as they have internet access. Even companies that serve customers through telecommunications benefit from the cloud. The essential data is stored by a third party at a secure location separate from the company.

Relying on a third-party organization to serve as storage for the company’s data can be simpler if not more cost effective. The reason for this is servers. Network servers hold information and need to be carefully maintained. The more data that needs to be stored, the larger the server needs to be. Servers also need to be kept cool because they give off so much heat.

Some companies may choose to forgo hosting the servers in their main building. The decision to have “somebody else take care of it” might be tempting. When a company wants to implement the convenience of the cloud but is unsure how to go about it, they contact a cloud brokerage service.

Cloud brokerage services provide several resources to clients. They act as cloud consultants to find the best fit for a business, and provide advice during negotiations. Cloud service brokers are a sort of intermediary. About 70% of IT executives, or the Chief Information Officer (CIO) themselves, are directly involved in the cloud purchase process. Having a choice of cloud brokerage services to assist in the process allows them to make a well-informed decision without taking too much time away from their other tasks.

The cloud has grown in popularity and will continue to do so, as it allows a flexibility in accessing essential data that other systems do not. Cloud brokerage services can help businesses navigate the cloud purchasing process and find the best solution for them.

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