The Packaging Industry Responds to Consumer Demands for Lowered Costs, Increased Shelf Life

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In support of recycling and eco-friendly production values, many industrial packaging manufacturers are making a concerted effort to reduce the amount of plastic that goes into their products. Industrial packaging products as a whole are being made with less plastic that is becoming increasingly recyclable, reducing the costs associated with packaging products as well as contributing to sustainability worldwide.

Almost every American has the ability — whether through local programs or through professional recycling facilities — to recycle most plastic containers, and about four out of 10 have access to recycling smaller plastic containers like those used for yogurt and cream cheese.

The good news for recyclers is that most plastic containers weigh much less than they did: levels of plastic waste associated with industrial packaging products continues to decrease. Flexible packaging products for pet food and dairy products like stretch sleeve labels, zippered pouches, and transparent packaging that conforms to the shape of the product also contribute to waste reduction and tend to keep food fresher for a longer time.

Overall, flexible packaging products that minimize wasted plastic and work to extend food shelf life is pulling an increasingly large market share. In the next few years, sales are expected to approach $100 million in America. Worldwide, the flexible packaging market tops $245 billion and is continuing to grow.

When the focus of industrial manufacturers in on reliability, recycling, and lowered costs, consumers are likely to gravitate toward products that offer a long shelf life, easily portable packaging, and a low environmental impact.

For more perishable products like dairy, some pet foods, and dried fruits, flexible packaging can allow grocery stores to make more attractive displays: packages that invite the consumer to reach out and pick up the product tend to sell at a faster rate. Flexible packaging can also cut down on the final cost of the product, which tends to be attractive to consumers as well. When a new kind of packaging sells well, the industrial packaging industry as a whole is more likely to take notice.

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