How Fire Protection Contractors Reduce Fire Damage and Casulties by Half

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Hotel fire protection

Each year, 15 people are killed and 150 people are injured by hotel and motel fires when travelling for work, family, or fun. Over $76 million is spent on property loss from fire damage each year. Thankfully, new systems and services are evolving all the time to better fight fires and give advanced warning for when a fire will break out. Many hotel chains have sought out fire protection contractor services, which can help alert staff and guests to fire threats and contact the proper authorities sooner.

Fire Fighting

Fighting a fire is a science that requires experience and preparation to effectively battle. Studies have shown that fire sprinkler systems have a 91% success rate of operation in fires large enough to activate them. A sprinkler fire suppression system can release anywhere from eight to 24 gallons of water per minute; compare that to a fire hose which can pump 80 to 125 gallons of water every minute. Chemical systems are another option used to help fight fires. These systems reduce the concentration of CO2 in the air by 20% or less, thereby snuffing out the flames.

Early Warning Systems

The advantage of a fire protection contractor means that your business has 24/7 monitoring services that can help reduce loss of life, injuries, and property damage by half when utilizing automatic sprinklers and early warning systems. The new Nation Fire Prevention Association 75 and 76 codes require facilities that have a telecommunication system in an area exceeding 2,500 square feet to have Very Early Warning Fire Detection (VEWFD) systems to be used. Rooms under 2,500 square feet must have an Early Warning Fire Detection (EWFD) system installed. Taking the proper precautions can help keep guests and employees safe during emergencies. Only 35% of surveyed businesses had a fire evacuation plan — remember that it is never too cautious to have a plan ready, it could save lives.

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