3 Pieces of Heating Equipment and Why They’re Important

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Despite a lagging economy and slow recovery, the United States is actually doing quite well when it comes to industrial production. Since 2000, the U.S. has increased its industrial production by more than 30%. Moreover, more than half of all American exports are manufactured products. Although outsourcing of manufacturing jobs has been and remains a serious problem in the U.S., overall industrial production in this country is doing relatively well.

One reason why manufacturing is doing so well is because of a particular American industry that most industrial industries rely upon: the heating equipment industry. Heating equipment is essential for any manufacturing plant. More than 85% of commercial manufacturing plants, for example, uses at least one kind of oven. Without safe, reliable heating equipment, manufacturers couldn’t make most of the products we use today — well, at least products that are made out of metal, plastic, or electronics!

What are heating equipment? How are they designed and what purpose do they serve? To better illustrate how important these pieces of equipment are, here are three types of equipment:

  • Baso Valves: Baso valves control the gas supply lines to other pieces of equipment. They are there to prevent any accidents in case of a pilot or thermocouple (i.e. temperature sensor) failure. Superbly designed and easy to install, they are used by most industries that rely on gas.
  • Lead Furnaces: Lead furnaces are used for melting salts, heat treating, tempering, and quenching as well as for melting low temperature such as pewter, babbitt, solder, and lead.
  • Venturi Burners: Venturi burners are a kind of industrial gas burners that serve as a torch flame using high pressure gas (either natural or propane). They are used to provide intense heat without the need for blowers, compressed air, or sophisticated piping. They are used for metal melting, foundry use, forging, heat treating, glass heating, ceramics, and pottery.

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