Shocking Types of Commercial Construction Jobs


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The commercial construction management business in the United States is huge — this industry employs over 760,000 people and they generate close to $120 billion in revenue each year. Over time, their revenue is estimated to have a combined value of nearly $2 trillion, which means that Americans have paid a significant amount of funds to the hardworking men and women in this business. With so many people involved in this area of production, the tasks and duties of workers must be wide and varied.

In fact, there are hundreds of jobs performed by those who work at commercial construction management companies. It’s not just the people who actually build properties, but they take direction from building planners, various engineers, general managers and safety experts. Local construction companies are composed of many different kinds of people, but they have one thing in common — they are all incredibly skilled at their jobs and they want to do a great job for the clients. They take pride in their work and strive to produce a quality product. Here’s an overview of the different types of people employed by the commercial construction management industry in the United States.

    1. Administrator/Manager
    A general contractor company needs to start with an administrator because this person brings them all together and makes sure they everyone stays on the same page throughout the project. They facilitate communication between the different people involved and they are also often the primary scheduler, so they keep people working to get everything done on time.

    2. Accountant
    The accountant is key to any general contracting company because they need someone to keep track of the budget. Materials and labor costs are expensive and clients get upset if they go over budget, so the accountant takes care of all financial concerns.

    3. Surveyor
    Building construction companies need a surveyor because this person goes out to the site before the project even begins to assess the property on which they will build. This person is tasked with taking measurements and making sure that there are no physical landmarks in the way, like big rocks or pipes that could prevent building a foundation. They also estimate the initial cost of building the structure based on how much work has to be done to the land.

    4. Construction Engineer
    The engineer is a critical part of any new building construction project. They are specially trained to design buildings, which isn’t an easy task. They have to make sure it’s safe and that it won’t spontaneously collapse. Clients trust them to construct safe and sturdy properties that will stand up to the test of time, so their role is important.

    5. Plumber
    Plumbers are needed at commercial construction contractors because they have a specialized knowledge of plumbing systems that other people working there don’t possess. They are responsible for making a plan for the plumbing in a new building.

    6. Electrician
    The electrician coordinates with the engineers and the plumbers to make sure the new wiring in the building won’t interfere with any of the pipes or other fixtures that go into building the structure. It is their job to make sure the building has sufficient lighting and outlets.

    7. Builders
    Finally, the builders take direction from all the people above and get to work by building the actual structure. Good references.

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