Three of the Most Recent Tamper Proofing Incidents

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Why is it that blister packaging services need to make it so difficult to open clamshell packages? Even if you use your good scissors, your hand is still sometimes sore after working them through the dense plastic package. Can’t they make their blister packaging designs a little bit easier?

The short answers is no, they can’t.

Product tampering is a serious issue, and can cause catastrophic amounts of damage. The blister packaging process is designed to guard against such threats — it’s designed to keep malicious parties out, even if that sometimes mean causing a bit of consumer frustration.

To show you how serious it can be, here are a few recent incidents of product tampering that caused serious damage.


One Utah grandmother got a fountain soda from Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. After taking a sip of her beverage, she immediately spit it out and told her husband, “I think I just drank acid.” Apparently, one of the restaurant’s employees had confused the sugar that gets mixed into the tea with a lye-based cleaner. Harding immediately went to the hospital, and remains in a critical condition.


Alexander and Christine Clement, a Long Island couple in their sixties, bought Jell-O pudding mix from several grocery stores, made the dessert, and then replaced the contents of the packets with a mixture of salt and sand. They then brought the pudding back for a refund of $1.40 each. They were discovered after one unlucky shopper bought their returned pudding, and made the grocery stores aware of what was going on. Surveillance footage caught the couple red-handed.


A mentally unstable woman from Brisbane, Australia, put pellets of rat poison in several of Sizzler’s supplies. One diner found the chemicals in her soup, and another found some in pasta sauce. Though nobody was hurt in the incident, Sizzler admitted that things could have been handled better. As a result, Australian lawmakers created a law that required all food establishments to report any suspicions of product tampering immediately or pay a whopping $15,000 fine.

Blister packaging companies know just how serious product tampering can be and consequently take every measure to guard against it. So the next time you’re having trouble with blister packaging, just remember that its toughness is actually a great thing.

If you have any questions about product tampering or blister packaging, feel free to ask in the comments.

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