Three Strange Ways To Get Your Caffeine Fix

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What are some of the most unique ways to get your daily caffeine fix? Just a few months ago, parents — fearing their children were rolling instant coffee or coffee beans into cigarettes called caffeine sticks — were up in arms. Although Time magazine debunked that as an elaborate April Fool’s joke, there are still some pretty wacky ways to work in your daily cup of joe. What are they?

Mobile Coffee Vans: Let Your Coffee Come To You!

Mobile franchise opportunities, such as mobile coffee vans, are sweeping across Australia, Europe, and the U.S. Mobile coffee vans bring specialty coffees directly to office buildings, festivals, job fairs, conferences, and more. These mobile cafes save businessmen and women the trouble of leaving work — and often using valuable break time — just to get a necessary fix of caffeine.

Lather Up With Coffee-Infused Soaps… Really!

A growing number of manufacturers are selling coffee- and/or caffeine-infused soaps. As of it stands, it is still a fairly rare product in the U.S. Although you can buy it at select stores, your best bet is purchasing caffeinated soaps online. Coffee-infused soaps pack “a crackling 200 mg of caffeine when lathered into the skin, twice the amount in that same cup of coffee,” according to Time magazine. They work by literally absorbing coffee through your skin and straight into your bloodstream. The FDA warns users, however, to exercise extreme caution. Companies are not required to list caffeine content yet, and you may not know exactly how much caffeine you are indirectly consuming.

Indulge In Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

“Eating chocolate-covered coffee beans will give you energy because chocolate and coffee beans both contain caffeine,” explains. “Caffeine is a chemical that affects your central nervous system and increases mental alertness.” You can purchase chocolate-covered espresso beans from coffee shops, chocolatiers, and candy shops.

Manufacturers are offering you an increasing number of ways to get your caffeine kick. Let coffee vans come to you, lather up with caffeinated soaps, or enjoy decadent chocolate-covered coffee beans. Read more like this:

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