Four Surprising Facts About Energy Consumption in the United States

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The United States consumes about 26% of the 55.6 billion kwh of electric energy the world uses energy, meaning America is one of the three biggest consumers of energy in the world, next to China and Russia. We rely heavily on gas and electric providers to help us maintain the quality of life that comes with an adequate supply of energy.

But do you know as much as you think you do about how America consumes its energy?

Here are four shocking facts about how Americans consume their energy:

1. The demand for cheap electric providers is growing: Over the last few years, the cost of energy has skyrocketed. The EIA reports that the average energy bill for an American household is $95.66 each month. That’s almost $1,200 every year! As a result, about 30% of Americans have begun to switch to energy-efficient appliances to help save money on electricity.

2. Most of our energy goes toward heating and cooling: About 56% of an average household’s energy consumption goes toward heating and cooling. If a house adjusted its thermostat just a few degrees closer to the temperature outside, it would be easy to save money on electricity.

3. America is becoming more sustainable: As the effects of global climate change become increasingly apparent, many people are finding out how to reduce their energy consumption in addition to learning how to save on electric bills and save money on electricity. Because there is an endless supply of renewable energy sources, making the switch is a great way to save money on electricity over the long run.

4. More Americans are choosing to compare power providers: To save money on electricity, many people are opting to look for cheaper energy providers. There are a growing number of energy providers that offer lower, competitive prices than the bigger energy companies.

As America actively moves toward relying on sustainable, renewable energy sources, the way we use and consume energy every day is likely to keep evolving over the next few years. By looking up ways to save money on electricity, you can also reduce your impact on the environment. Helpful research also found here.

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