Three Secrets to Slashing Spring Electricity Bills


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Spring is finally here — even if some persistent snow and wintry conditions means it doesn’t necessarily feel like it. Soon enough, your electric bill is going to ease up a bit — but you may end up surprised by how much you’re still paying. Rates are especially high in comparison to previous years. In order to save money on electricity bills, you need to take advantage of some long-term, cost-efficient solutions. Here are some of the best-kept, money-saving secrets:

Strategically Use Fans to Slash Air Conditioning Costs

With a little effort, you can use ceiling fans to boost your air conditioning — and pay less for energy bills. “If you use air conditioning, a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4 degrees Fahrenheit with no reduction in comfort,” The U.S. Department Of Energy explains.

Let Gas and Electric Providers Compete For Your Business

In most states, you are more than capable of changing electricity providers. Electric and gas providers actually compete for your business, so take advantage of that. Compare electric providers online to scope out the cheapest rates and most convenient payment plans. Some electric utility providers give you the option of paying a flat rate all year, avoiding costly bills during the holidays. You may also be able to opt for fixed electricity rates; you will benefit from a fixed rate if the price of oil or fuel goes up. Remember, some providers may also offer incentives and/or discounted rates for the use of clean or environmentally friendly energy.

Learn More About Non-Peak Hours

You can also save money by using electricity at the right times. Most companies honor non-peak hours. In other words, running your dishwasher — or doing that extra large load of laundry — actually costs less if you wait until approximately 8 p.m. Similarly, hot water is cheaper at specific times of day (or during non-peak hours).

Stop paying too much for electricity. Permanently reduce your electricity bills by using ceiling fans to boost air conditioning, going online to compare electric providers, and carefully scheduling electricity use whenever possible. Good references here.

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