Three Reasons Why Pharmaceutical Packaging Needs to Be So Tough

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A lot of frustrated consumers wonder why it is that pharmaceutical packaging companies have to make their blister packaging and bottle packaging so tough to get into. While to most it might seem like pharma packaging services are being a bit overprotective, it’s important to understand what’s at stake if pharma packing were to decline in quality.

Here are a few reasons why the pharmaceutical industry needs to package their goods so securely.


If you’ve ever heard about the unsolved 1982 Chicago Tylenol murders, then you’d know why tamper proofing is one of pharma packaging’s main priorities. Either an individual or a group of people tampered with pain relievers, lacing them with potassium cyanide poisoning that caused a number of people to die. In the aftermath of the crime, the government created new tamper proofing legislature that reformed the pharma packaging industry to ensure that such an incident never happened again.


If there are two things that are certain about kids, it’s that they’re curious and that they love candy. If kids were to rifle through their parents medicine cabinets, open up pill bottles, and mistake the contents for candy, they might ingest a deadly amount of drugs that could endanger their lives. In order to ensure that such events don’t happen, pharma packaging services design their bottles so that it’s difficult for children to open and mistakenly ingest medicines.

Transportation Security.

There are several problems that can happen while transporting medicines and medical equipment. For example, a bump on the road could cause the contents of a shipment to tip over and get damaged, which might cause the medicines inside to lose their efficacy. Pharma packaging have created packages that are tough and resilient in order to ensure that the medicines and equipment remain safe and secure from the production facility to store shelves.

Although you may have some difficulties opening your medicines, isn’t it worth it to know that they’re truly safe? Isn’t a little elbow grease worth the peace of mind? If you have any questions about pharma packaging, feel free to ask in the comments. Get more info here.

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