Franchise Consultant, the One with a Plan

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Franchise consultant

Starting a franchise used to be a difficult task. It still is challenging and requires an entrepreneurial spirit. Starting a franchise is more difficult than becoming an employee of a business. Nonetheless, there are more resources available for people seeking to start a franchise than at any time before. If a potential neighborhood entrepreneur needs brand consulting, brand marketing or franchise marketing, they can find a franchise consultant or brand marketing agency to address these issues. franchise consultants are not entirely new. The first billboard add rental occurred in 1867.

But a single add can make a huge difference. In 1984 a young director named Ridley Scott made a “big Brother” add during the superbowl for a budding electronics company called Apple. The rest is history. Since then, mobile marketing has become increasingly important. Mobile internet users increased to well over 110 million in 2012 and half of consumers unliked a companies Facebook page because its updates had become to repetitive. And it is precisely these issues with which a franchise consultant can be helpful.

QR square codes are codes which are scannable by a smartphone. They allow phone users to open a website on a phones browser. New franchise branch owners needs those browsers to lead straight to their doors and it is for this reason that a franchise consultant can be the miracle they need.

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