Cryogenic grinding is only one of the many uses for a sifter machine

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Particle size distribution services

Cryogenic grinding in massachusetts has become a popular practice. Cryogenic grinding is done when soft and elastic materials cannot be ground down using traditional grinders. The main purpose of cryogenic grinding is to obtain particles for reuse in products that require rubber and plastic grindings. Following the grinding, a sifter machine is used to sort out what particles can and cannot be salvaged for reuse.

A sifter machine is also used when performing particle size distribution services. These services consist of testing, monitoring and controlling material properties. Also, the services are best used when being monitored by an agency. It is a very particular business. Therefore, companies should only work with firms that have a great deal of experience performing services with a sifter machine.

Finally, a sifter machine is used when making powdered metal. Powdered metal is a conglomerate of various fine materials. These materials are ground down and then sorted using a sifter machine before they are later formed into a specific shape and heated. Any particles that are not uniform in size will remain in the sifter machine and will either be discarded or re ground for future potential use.

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