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Make a Positive Impact on Your Community and Environment By Recycling Your Clothes

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Charitable clothing donations

Cleaning out your closet can be more than a routine spring cleaning, decluttering act. It can also be a positive act for your community and for the environment! How, you may ask? Many charities accept used clothing donations that they either donate to those in need or resell at a lower cost to lower-income families; this money helps fund their programs and good works. By recycling clothes instead of simply tossing them in the garbage, you’re helping the environment by preventing extra pounds of clothes from going to the landfill. It’s an easy way to practice philanthropy and get your kids involved as well. There are a number of ways to donate clothes as well — f

How You Can Help Disable Veterans With Your Unused and Unwanted Clothing Items

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Donations to purple heart

Summer is here and we are finally able to wear those summer clothes that stores have had on their racks for months. We may be going through our closets, scanning our summer clothing options from the previous year and notice that the styles have already changed. You might be looking at clothing items and wondering why you purchased them or questioning if you even wore it the previous year. Perhaps you put on a few winter time pounds, and notice that a few of your items you will no longer be comfortable in. What do you do with all of these unwanted clothing items? Throwing them away seems like such a waste. If you were to sell them, you would probably only get cents on the dollar of what you actually paid for them. You could donate them to those in need, including clothing donations for veterans and ch