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Measurement Services and a Brief Overview of Load Cells

Written by admin on . Posted in S beam load cells, Sensors, Torque sensors

There are a variety of measurement products and measurement tools required to complete engineering projects for various industries. Since measurements need to be precise, it’s essential to use high quality instruments to accomplish this task. What follows are just a few of the products that may be of interest for current, ongoing, or future projects.

The type of load cell that will be used will depend on multiple factors. This includes the primary and secondary element utilized to sense the force. Here is a list of the five types of load cells:

  • Diaphragm load cells
  • Hydraulic load cells
  • Ring type load cells
  • Spool type load cells

Load cells are used on a frequent basis as an integral part of a weighing system. This is because they have specific properties that are considered to be beneficial. In addition to bein