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What to Look for in Your Prototype PCB Manufacturer

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Prototype printed circuit board

You’re looking for a quick turn PCB manufacturer because you need those quick turn PCB specs done quickly and done well. Your prototype PCB costs you a decent amount of money to produce; that is no secret. And most of the expense can be found in the components, and not the fabrication of the board. If the board is not right, though, then your whole design is not right. That is going to cost you even more in the end.

For this reason, it is important to look for a quick turn PCB manufacturer who can offer standard as well as add-on manufacturing features for your board fabrication. Here

What Electrical Engineers Need to Know About PCB Design

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Pcb fabrication

If you are an electrical engineer, you may mistakenly believe that printed circuit boards, both in their design and assembly, don’t have anything to offer you in terms of your career or ongoing learning. The truth is that although circuit board prototyping was not a part of your engineering degree, it is something that you will very likely be called upon to do at some point in your career. To avoid getting egg on your face, here are a few tips to get you started. After all, engineers need to stay on top of their ongoing learning to stay competitive in today’s market.

Besides the PCB, there are also the closely related IC, or integrated circuit, and the hybrid circuit. Today let’s focus on the more common prin