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How Do You Create A Good First Impression In One-Tenth Of A Second?

Written by admin on . Posted in Linkedin headshots chicago, Professional photography, Professional photography chicago

First impressions are everything. Whether you work in marketing or are hoping to snag a different job, you want to make sure you’re leaving a positive impact from the start.

You see this logic just about everywhere you go. Advertisements on billboards, meetings at the office, you name it — the first impression is always at work, whether you acknowledge it or not. When you’re crafting a website or fine-tuning your online profile you’ll want to make sure you’re not skimping out on quality when you upload a photo. Sadly, this can be easier said than done. Instead of fiddling around with selfie filters on your phone, consider looking into professional photography to bring out your good side.

What could more professional photos do for you and your future career?

The Science Behind The First Impression

The best way to take advantage of professional photography is to learn about the psychology that supports it. Ongoing data has shown it takes a